Market on the Grand Vendor Rules

The Market on the Grand, formerly known as the Grand Ledge Farmers' Market, is intended to provide healthy, fresh produce and other assorted nutritional, non-commercial, locally produced, foods and goods to the residents of Grand Ledge, and visitors to Grand Ledge, the community and surrounding area. Vendors of produce and non-commercial, locally produced, foods and goods will find a supportive outlet for the sale of their products. The Market will encourage commerce, entertainment and trade in downtown Grand Ledge, and help display the city's history, uniqueness, charm and potential, while working to develop a progressive self-sustainable future.

The Market on the Grand is intended to promote vendors who make, bake, or grow their products. However, the Chamber of Commerce will allow up to 20% of vendors to be non-profit organizations or direct sale businesses that do not have a store front. The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to more closely scrutinize vendor applications where the product is not made, baked, or grown by the vendor to ensure that the products being sold align with the mission of the Market on the Grand. 


When registration opens, vendors will be encouraged to complete an online registration. Your signature on the application indicates that you have read, understand, and agree with these rules. You will be required to submit payment on the first Saturday Market you attend.


Each vendor is responsible for providing and removing any and all equipment and supplies he or she requires to do business on the Market site. This includes signs, tables, chairs, products and equipment utilized for clean-up purposes.


All signs must remain within the allotted vendor's exhibit space and must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress, or interfere with other vendors' display or views.


The Board of Directors has full authority to assign exhibit space. Requests for particular sites will be given consideration but management reserves the right to assign and locate all vendors. Those who pay the annual fee will be assigned a space at the beginning of the season and that space will be saved for them every week as long as they are at the space by 8:50 am (or notify the market that they will be late). To request a space, please complete our online registration once it opens.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy Hoyes at 517-627-2383 or


The Market shall operate every Saturday from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. All vendors must remain at the Market site until the 1:00 PM closing and must vacate the Market site by 2:00 PM.


Set-up starts at 8:00 AM and must be completed by 9:00 AM. Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their stall space area. Stall spaces are to be left in the same condition as when rented. Breakdown starts at 1:00 PM and must be completed, and stalls vacated, by 2:00 PM.


All vendors must acquire, maintain, and display the proper licenses, permits, and certifications as deemed necessary by local health and safety laws, and/or to support any claims and/or representations. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting their own sales tax.


Vehicles shall not be utilized as a display or dispensing area for Market goods unless it is a refrigerated unit for perishable items. No vehicle may remain running during Market hours other than for purposes of refrigeration of product. The use of canopies, awning and sun-umbrellas are encouraged.


Fresh produce, plant items, flowers, baked goods, jellies, jams, preserves, and other non-commercial food items other locally produced goods (as deemed appropriate by membership) may be sold. The Board of Directors will resolve any doubt as to the suitability of an item. No soliciting or political or religious activities shall be permitted within the Market area unless approved by the board of directors due to promotion of Market Purpose or Objective. Displays of public interest, such as nutritional, health or consumer information, may be displayed with the permission of the Market Manager.


All fees are utilized for publicity and growth for the Market. Each vendor will be provided with a 10'x10' stall space. No reimbursement will be made for fees paid if a vendor decides to no longer participate at the Market. 
  • Annual Vendor
    Vendor who commits to every week will get the discounted $150 rate for the season and doesn't need to register for each week's market event 

  • Weekly Vendor
    Vendor who can't commit to the full season can pay $15 per week and register for each weekly market event on the Chamber website; if payment is not received by Wednesday each week, vendor will be responsible for an extra $5 late fee

  • Child Vendor
    Vendor who is 16 years old and younger and makes, bakes, or grows something, who pays $5 per week, and who needs to register for each weekly market event on the Chamber website

  • Non-Profit Vendor
    Vendor who pays $5 fee per week and who needs to register for each weekly market event on the website


Vendors are responsible for all permits required by Michigan, Eaton County, and the City of Grand Ledge to sell their products. All rules may be revised by the decision of the Board of Directors at any time.


Vendors may contact Amy Hoyes at 517-627-2383 or concerning Market closure due to inclement weather.


The Market Manager is responsible for enforcing the Market rules. Possible violations will be discussed and resolution attempted. Vendors selling prohibited items will be asked to remove those items from sale or leave the Market. Unresolved problems will be referred to the Market Board of Directors. Continued violations will result in being banned from the Market with no reimbursement of fees paid. Any vendor challenging another vendor's product's legitimacy or conduct must file a written complaint with the Market Manager, giving the name of the vendor and the product or situation they feel may not be in compliance with Market policies. The complainant must date and sign their name to the complaint and the Market Manager will attempt resolution. If resolution is not possible, the complaint will be referred to the Market Board.


Vendors are encouraged to consider obtaining individual liability insurance for products sold.

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